Yes, no problem. First, you can subscribe via apple or google as with any other apps in the App Store and Google Play, all of the billing and the framework used for app free trials and subscriptions is controlled by Apple through the iTunes system for iOS devices and Google through Google Play for Android devices.

Second, you can ask to cancel your PDF (website subscription). It can be canceled by contacting our support team. And we will be happy to refund the amount for the PDF version. (Refund is only applicable for subscriptions that are still within the 30-day money-back guarantee period).  

However, If you are subscribed to our annual or organizational subscription via website, you actually have free access to our mobile apps. To get access, log in to the members' area at and then go to iPhone, iPad, and Android Access.

Click this, and you will see instructions on how to access the magazine issue on your mobile device so need to transfer your subscription.

If you are currently a monthly subscriber and want to upgrade to an annual subscription, please contact us.

If you are currently a monthly subscriber and would like to have Smartphone Access as an add-on to your subscription, you can do that here: