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If you're trying to access the magazine using the mobile app version: 

1. Please respond with your device token which you will find when you tap on the Settings icon on the lower right portion of the screen/app and we will deliver the issues to you. *Please copy and paste the device token rather than send a screenshot so we can ensure we get it correctly. 

    Please note that you need to have purchased a smartphone access (for monthly subscriptions) or entered the smartphone access code (for annual, quarterly or organizational subscriptions) to                  do this. You can get this code by logging in to the membership site and clicking iPhone, iPad and Android Access on the left menu bar of the membership dashboard page.

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iPhone/iPad - http://ipad.about.com/od/iPad_Guide/ss/How-To-Turn-Off-Push-Notifications-On-The-Ipad.htm

Android - https://www.digitaltrends.com/android/how-to-turn-off-notifications-in-android/